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After Builders Cleaning

professional cleaner doing after builders cleaning

Construction and renovation projects can spur the accumulation of dust and additional debris requiring cleaning services. Following the completion of building cleaning services are offered by Melbourne East Cleaning services for comprehensive and complete abdication of debris. Dust and other particles are dislodged and spread throughout spaces leaving households and business with pesky problems! Eradication of this left of debris is completed using targeted solutions and tools proven to remove the unwanted materials. With years of dedicated after builders cleaning services provided MECS has shown the competency and ability to deliver results.


Construction is necessary to resurrect new structures delivering purposes for residential or business owners. With construction, dirt and debris are bound to follow closely! This presence of materials can be an annoying addition to a completed project. With precise targeted steps our cleaning team will remove dust and particles from their resting spot. It is necessary to take precautionary steps so that the bi-product of construction is not spread throughout additional areas; our cleaning team consistently delivers this. Construction brings new structures to life; it also brings on cleaning needs. Call on MECS for all post construction-cleaning services and be delivered a particle free space!


Renovations update areas that have become dull or outdated, with the introduction of new comes expulsion of the old! Renovations, much like construction projects, bring up dust and debris that can plague structures. The removal of existing appliances or installations will release dirt and debris in the space leaving you with a cleaning project. Leave this cleaning to the professionals at MECS! We arrive equipped to deliver results to every post building-cleaning project no matter the scope of renovation. We will continue to deliver superior results to customers throughout the Melbourne East area with efficiency and quality unparalleled by competitors!


Products utilized for after builders cleaning are specialized to remove the dust and particles that occur due to construction. With care and precise actions our team of qualified cleaners will be able to assess the situation and deliver results. Post building debris is different to high traffic debris, as the dust and particles are known to adhere to surfaces in a much different way. To maximize the results delivered by MECS we have tested products to find an effective solution for after building cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing to utilize the services provided by MECS is highly recommended by our past clients who rave about the effectiveness and quality of our services. Delivering results is our passion and we have invested in our team and tools to deliver this promise. To see the difference that is provided by MECS compared to alternative cleaning providers we suggest viewing our before or after photographs or speak to one of many satisfied customers. If you are looking for quality results using eco-friendly products and top of the line tools, look no further! MECS is the after building cleaning provider for you.