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End-Of-Lease Cleaning

professional cleaner doing end of lease cleaning

Moving can be stressful, and without the proper tools homeowners or landlords can expel more labor than necessary. Melbourne East Cleaning Service offers a solution for customers who require end of lease cleaning but cannot allocate the labor or time to complete the tasks to satisfaction. At the commencement of every lease there is generally a cleaning clause included setting the expectation that tenants must leave the dwelling in an acceptable condition. Whether you are a tenant who is leaving their lease and is looking to comply or a landlord who had a tenant move without proper cleaning we can help.

Tenant Service

Completing satisfactory cleaning clause in your lease will release their deposit benefit greatly from our end of lease cleaning service. Through standardized cleaning procedures we target areas that landlords are looking for completion. With your individual contract in mind we will target additional necessary cleaning areas specific to your contract. Each and every tenant who has utilized our end of lease service has consistently praised us for a fully refunded deposit. Damage that is present in the dwelling not capable of being fixed with our cleaning services will be highlighted and made known to tenants so that alternative repairs can be facilitated.

Landlord service

As a landlord you are prone to lease properties to uncooperative tenants, in these cases you are sure to benefit from comprehensive cleaning services offered third party. Evicted individuals who are unhappy with the removal or simply neglectful renters can leave the space rented in poor condition. With inclusive cleaning services that target the needs of your rental property our experts will be able to bring your property back to standards. Damage that is present in the property prior to cleaning service being conducted is noted, as not all damage can be rectified by MECS.

Vandalized Properties

Not all leases end on a positive or civil manner, knowing the state that rental properties can be left in following a lease period we offer cleaning for vandalized properties. Hard to erase substances such as spray paint is properly removed using industrial strength products and tools. Our entire team is committed to the successful eradication of marker and alternative substances if possible. Not all vandalism can be erased using our services, as some materials are not diminished by known solutions. Return your investment property to standard sooner than ever with the help of MECS end of lease cleaning services.

Cleaning Procedures

Through phone or online consultation with our cleaning professionals you will be walked through the standard end of lease cleaning menu that is provided by MECS. If modifications or additions need to be added to this standard list of cleaning tasks we ask that it is modified prior to appointment. Our team arrives with industry professional tools that are able to complete the tasks at hand, and without proper notice we will not be able to attend the project with the necessary tools.