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Floor Cleaning

professional cleaner doing floor cleaning

Melbourne East Cleaning Service is proud to offer floor-cleaning services to our community delivering sparkling results. Flooring is created using various materials, each of which requires a different method and solution for proper cleaning procedures. MECS is an established cleaning provider in your community providing consistent results for clients throughout our municipality. Through proven results and consistent care MECS has become the go-to floor cleaning company! Overwhelmingly positive reviews have humbled us as we are proud to serve our beautiful community throughout the years.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout are commonly installed in houses throughout Melbourne, if you are one of these homes that utilize tile flooring how do you currently clean the surface? Improper cleaning of tile and grout leads to dull and dirty flooring that leaves your space with a lackluster appeal. Through the methodical cleaning steps taken by our cleaning technicians you will be left with sparkling floors that are free or built up debris and materials. Utilizing industry proven cleaning machines and eco-friendly products your floor will be revived reminiscent of the original state following installation.

Carpet Shampoo

Steam cleaning carpet installations is a great way to thoroughly clean the fibers of the carpet in question. Through assessment of the state of condition our team will suggest a method of cleaning to rid your carpet of dirt and debris buildup. Fibers in carpets can hold bacteria and odors that are offensive to inhabitants of spaces. Removing this foul odor due to pets or neglect is the first step to falling in love with your carpet again! Utilizing eco-friendly products and high-end machinery your carpeted area will be able to be enjoyed by family and friends again!

Hardwood Cleaning

The first step to properly washing hardwood flooring is not a secret, but it is vital to the success of the clean. Dusting and sweeping the floorboards is a step that cannot be missed when completing a thorough clean of the flooring. Without removal the debris, dust, hair and bacteria present on the floor will just be moved around leaving an unsatisfactory result for owners. Hardwood floor also requires a special solution in order to maintain the competency of the lacquer covering the floor while removing debris.

Products Utilized

Products used by our team of cleaning experts are carefully selected and tested prior to the utilization in customer’s property. We aim to provide top of the line results while delivering eco-friendly products for each and every customer. Harsh chemicals that harm the environment and pose hazards for family and friends have been removed from our tool belt, replaced by naturally sourced effective substitutions. With your health in mind as well as the precarious state of our world we have taken deliberate steps to remove unnecessary chemicals from our list of products. To ensure that your flooring is still cleaned to satisfaction new products are trialed and tested until meeting our high standards.