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One-Off Cleaning

professional cleaner doing one off cleaning

Households require different levels and services offered by cleaning providers! Depending on the requirements of the individual household we are able to provide individualized superior service. While commercial and residential structures can have alternative methods of cleaning, it is common that professional services are required to be utilized periodically. One off cleaning services does just this! We have created a service that compliments the irregular schedule that some clients require our services. Commercial and residential dwellings both benefit from one-off cleaning as deep sanitization or periodic thorough cleanings can prove necessary.

Deep Cleaning

Sanitization is required for some spaces that exceed regular techniques and tools. With this in mind MECS offers comprehensive deep-clean packages for commercial and residential clients looking to sanitize their property. Deep cleaning can consist of anything from office jobs to flooring or deep cleaning of restrooms. The tools and experience brought to the process is beneficial to the completion of a large scope deep cleaning job. For your next one-off deep clean project utilize our services and see the difference that Melbourne East Cleaning Service brings to each and every project.

Periodic Cleaning

We all have times in our hectic schedules where we feel overwhelmed by the workload left to complete. To lend a helping hand to clients we offer one-off cleaning services, this option delivers a comprehensive cleaning of designated spaces to satisfaction. The alleviation of stress and workload accompanied by a thorough and complete clean will surely leave you feeling more relaxed. One-off cleaning can be completed throughout the entire dwelling or specified to particular tasks, no matter the case our team arrives prepared to complete your clean. Our eco-friendly products utilized offer customers ease of mind as harsh chemicals are substituted for effective yet gentle products.

Hoarding Situations

Hoarding situations pose stressful and complicated cleaning jobs. Being sensitive to the situation while prepared with products and tools necessary for completion our team will be able to tackle the hoarding residence with a plan. Some biohazard situations encountered will require additional protective materials as well as disposal techniques. MECS has completed such cleaning jobs in the past and is equipped to facilitate hoarding situations including such material. Working with homeowners and additional facilitators we are able to provide a cohesive and satisfactory cleaning of the residence. Supplementary cost can be associated with this task due to the hazards and additional safety equipment and disposal steps necessary for completion.

Our Team

Through dedicated training sessions and unlimited support provided by owners and management our team has gained the experience and knowledge necessary. We invest time and care into our employees so that they can further their skillset and careers. Every one-off project tackled by our team is completed by accredited cleaning technicians and supervised by a leading member. Through this structure we are able to evaluate the needs of each project and monitor the level of soil and missed aspects through the process.