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Recurring Cleaning

professional cleaner doing bathtub cleaning

With various levels of traffic and requests from clients come additional cleaning requirements. Recurring cleaning services are offered for customers who are looking to retain MECS for regular completion cleaning skills. Both residential and commercial dwellings are offered recurring cleaning in order to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Recurring cleaning scheduling will be based around the particular needs of our customers ranging from multi-weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning options. For more information consultations are provided free of charge and commitment ensuring that you find the right cleaning company for your specific requirements.


The schedule that you require for your recurring service can be chosen with the assistance of our cleaning professionals. Based on the size of the property that requires cleaning and the traffic that it endures you will be provided a recommended cleaning recommendation. Following the initialization of recurring cleaning, schedules can be adjusted to fit the needs of the residential or commercial space. To maximize efficiency and a number of attending cleaners will also be allocated to cleaning services. Providing our customers with acceptable recurring cleaning schedules is important to the success of our partnership.

Alternating Services

Each scheduled date of cleaning service could require standard cleaning procedures along with alternative services. Based on the traffic and level of soil our cleaning experts will be able to alternate focus areas leaving you with a satisfactory clean. Areas of concern can be focused on depending on the requests of clients and the space in between cleans. Through dedicated cleaning procedures and experienced cleaning providers you will be left with exceptional results. To acquire your individual quote contact us at the number provided and begin your cleaning experience with Melbourne East Cleaning Services.

Deep Cleans

Cleaning your residential or commercial space is important for the health of inhabitants as well as the value of the property. Deep cleanings can be added to recurring cleaning services to maximize cleaning. Deep cleans can come in many different versions, from cleaning of offices to the eradication of dirt and bacteria from bathrooms and kitchens your space will benefit from in-depth cleaning. Our team is able to assess the soil level of your space and recommend a cleaning schedule or deep cleaning service that will benefit the sanitary conditions of the business or residence.


Keeping your family and business in clean, bacteria free space it is important to have your space properly cleaned on a regular basis. Consultation with our cleaning professionals will help determine an effective cleaning schedule for your individual needs. The cost associated with recurring cleaning services varies based on the level of traffic and soil acquired in-between cleaning. MECS has created and offered an affordable cleaning service for our community. Being able to deliver quality cleaning services for industry fair rates is important to our business and will continue to be provided through new years.